The Farm
Radicle Roots Farm is located 12 miles outside of Bend, Oregon towards the town of Sisters. The land, greenhouses and equipment are leased from a long time Central Oregon resident, Don Schack.  In the past the farm has been a commercial nursery growing herbs and flowers, an organic vegetable farm, and most recently the site of Plainview Community Gardens which Don and his wife, Linda coordinated and taught gardening classes to the community members.  Don has not only been a generous landlord, but an incredible mentor and friend. We are so excited to be farming on this beautiful property and to continue it's rich agricultural history.

Growing Practices
Our growing practices stem from the belief that healthy soils grow healthy food. We are committed to using only organic practices, meaning we never use any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.  Most of the work on the farm is done by hand or by using appropriate technology like our precision Jang seeder and Quick Cut Greens Harvester.  Growing vegetables in Central Oregon is extremely rewarding, but as any local knows comes with its challenges due to our short growing season and unexpected summer frosts. To help extend our growing season we use row covers to give our transplants a head start and we grow tender crops such as tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in unheated greenhouses. 

Staying Small
With under one acre in cultivation, our farm produces an incredible amount of high quality produce from a small space. Using permanent beds and a no-till system we have been able to significantly increase our soil's fertility and biological activity. We are always evolving our farming methods to grow food more efficiently and with better flavor and nutrition, but we stand strong on our commitment to growing food sustainably using organic practices. As we continue to grow our farm we strive to increase production through better crop planning and intensive spacing rather than increasing acreage and relying on a tractor for the majority of farm chores. As the famous market gardener, Jean-Martin Fortier says, "Grow better, not bigger."