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Online Store Ordering and Pick up 

We utilize an online store to extend our season beyond the Farmer’s Market and to offer customers the opportunity to pick up their veggies outside of the Farmer's Market hours. Our online store is open from April to Nov each year.

Customers can place orders from Friday - Tuesday. While placing your order, you will select a pickup location either on farm or at the farmer's market. If you are ordering outside of the Farmer's Market season (Apr or Oct/Nov) you will only have the option to pick up from the farm.

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If you select on farm pick up, you can pick up your produce every Thursday after 1pm. We pack each order in brown bags and put them in coolers out front with ice packs. The bags are labelled with customer names and each cooler is organized alphabetically by last name.

If you select Farmer’s Market pick up  (May - September), you can pick up at the Farmer’s Market from our stall. No need to wait in line either, just walk up and tell us your name and we will grab your order! Our stall is located across from the Snohomish Carnegie building on Cedar.

Small scale & sustainable

Our mission is to strengthen our local food system by sustainably growing delicious nutrient dense vegetables for our community and to inspire more farmers to do the same.