Meet your farmers

James (they/them) - Farm Manager

Favorite vegetable: Sweet, sweet carrots

2024 will be James’ 10th season running Radicle Roots Farm! It has grown and evolved a lot over the years and so has their passion for growing delicious nutrient dense food and cultivating community. James and their partner, Sydney, returned to their hometown of Snohomish in pursuit of permanent land to establish roots and be closer to their families. Their favorite part of farming is seeing all the winter crop planning come to fruition as lush, abundant beds of veggies! When they’re not fawning over the fresh vegetables, James loves connecting with their bisexual and queer community, having dinner parties with friends, backpacking, running on the Centennial Trail, talking about native plants/mushrooms and binging on the latest queer shows and movies.  

Sydney (she/her) - Chief Sanity Officer

Favorite vegetable: Broccoli

Syd has helped out at every single farmers market for the first 7 years. Now a days she helps out with mostly behind the scenes decisions and farm beautification but, she is still the grounding presence that keeps this sometimes frazzled farm held together. Outside of the farm, Syd works full-time as a child and family therapist. She is passionate about mental health and supporting our community’s youth. When not at work, Syd loves walking Willy around town, reading endless psychological thrillers, and sharing time with loved ones around a delicious meal.

Willy - Greeter and Official Taste Tester

Favorite vegetable: Cucumbers

While not always the best for productivity, we can’t imagine our days on the farm without Willy’s radiating warm energy. She has some important farm duties like enthusiastically greeting any visitors, chasing away rabbits and eating all the reject carrots, radishes, turnips, cucumbers, and snap peas that get left in the field. When she’s not patrolling or napping on the farm, Willy loves fetching sticks in the Pilchuck river and going to any off leash area where she can free-range with other furry friends.

Small scale & sustainable

Our mission is to strengthen our local food system by sustainably growing delicious nutrient dense vegetables for our community and to inspire more farmers to do the same.